Shift Coffee Bar is a company that operates two coffee trikes and a

nitro cold brew wholesale program.



Being raised in southwest Florida and having watched our hometown struggle to grow and progress culturally like many other cities around us, it has always been hard to watch natives move away in search of greater opportunities in life. For those of us that haven't left, it's been an uphill battle to find authentic fulfillment in work, community and culture. For most, those values are the first to be compromised when seeking employment. Thankfully there are a those who are out to shift our culture.


With specialty coffee culture growing immensely in cities all around us, we knew it was time for Fort Myers to have what is so common in others. Besides, every good city has a great coffee shop right? It's where we go to hang out with friends, have business meetings, fuel creativity, and so much more. In short, the trike is only the beginning for us.


But more importantly, we want our company to have a greater impact on our community. Our goal is to challenge the current standard of employee satisfaction and the customer experience. We intend to do this by prioritizing our people and our values - without compromise.